Bringing Community to the Table

Irregardless is proud to play an active role in the growth and enrichment of the Triangle community by supporting many organizations and causes: ranging from donating gift certificates to fundraisers, leftover food to food banks, offering discounts on catering to non-profit organizations, supporting the arts and musicians, and much more.

Irregardless’ management team are leaders in the local urban agriculture movement and are active in environmental causes. They currently sit on the Boards of: City of Raleigh’s Environmental Advisory Board, Center for Environmental Farming Systems, Capital Area Food Network, Urban Agriculture Collective, Advocates for Health in Action, ACE and the Hillsborough Business Improvement District.

The Triangle community is one interdependent community. Every person, neighborhood, organization and business is an integral part of the whole. By supporting each other together we thrive. Since 1975, Irregardless has been honored to play a small part to ensure the health and vitality of our impressive community.