In Commemoration of the May 24, 1995 Fire

This Friday will mark the 25th anniversary of a moment the community of Irregardless Cafe will never forget. On the night of May 24, 1994, a fire engulfed the Café closing it for 11 months to rebuild a new dining room and larger kitchen.

Most notably, fearing for the fate of his long-term employees while closed, Arthur Gordon continued to pay them their current wages in exchange for their volunteering for local charitable organizations that supported the community. Irregardless’ misfortune became a blessing for the fledgling Interfaith Food Shuttle, enabling it to collect day old foodstuffs to be served to the hungry.

The cafe is serving up a smokey Post-Fire Baba Ganoush as a tribute to the fire for the next 2 weeks. It will pair well with our new North Carolina Soft Shell Crab dinner special.

We invite you to join us in gratitude of all that history has taught us and to commemorate this date that will be forever etched in Irregardless’ story.

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