Irregardless Named in Best Eco-Friendly Restaurants of the U.S.

For Earth Day 2019, OpenTable teamed up with Zero Foodprint and Good Food 100 to highlight places that are going above and beyond to do good for Mother Earth. From using sustainable ingredients to reducing energy usage, they’ve found spots that are serving up incredible dishes with an ultra-light carbon footprint.

Come get your green on at the Cafe. Reserve a table by calling 919-833-8898 or on OpenTable.

Here are some of the ways we are keeping things green:

  • The Café was built using recycled materials, and after the 1994 fire designed new building to recycle original materials
  • 10 solar thermal panels to heat water needed to operate the business
  • Water conservation with low flush toilets and well-maintained sinks
  • Recycled cardboard, glass, metal, plastic and printer cartridges decades before mandated by the City
  • Composts coffee grinds and pre-consumer kitchen scraps at the Well Fed Community Garden
  • Recycle cooking oil weekly
  • Grow organic produce at Irregardless’ urban agriculture venture: The Well Fed Community Garden, purchase from local farmers and at farmers markets
  • Fair traded, shade grown, locally roasted coffee
  • Regular donor of leftover foods to homeless shelters
  • Minimize pollution by purchasing bulk and reusable products
  • Use biodegradable, post consumer recycled, and chlorine free disposable paper products
  • Only energy efficient light bulbs throughout
  • Keep all vans tuned-up and tires full to improve fuel economy

Irregardless has won numerous Sustainability Awards:

  • Green Plus Small Business of the Year Award by the Institute of Sustainable Development
  • NC Pinnacle Sustainable Business Award by at the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce
  • Environmental Award in Market Transformation by City of Raleigh
  • Green Business Leader of the Year Award from the Triangle Business Journal

Here is a link to the OpenTable list.