Veganuary Is Just The Beginning

NPR’s ‘1-a’ show recently aired a show describing the enthusiasms and interest in vegan diets, with interviews with a Harvard Professor of Epidemiology, a Nutritionist author and a Chef on the merits of exploring a vegan diet. The phone and email comments were overwhelming.

These experts spoke about the evidence that a vegan diet is healthy in a plethora of ways, including cognitive function.   These experts cited friends they knew who have been healed, or had reduced symptoms, from multiple diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Gout and weight loss. They also affirmed that the planet would benefit significantly from reduced animal husbandry, causing reduced greenhouse emissions that play a part in climate change.

An Atlantic Magazine article  from several years ago by James McWilliams’ states that “the everyday reality is that ordinary people who eat a vegan diet have conquered obesity, chronic disease, depression, and a host of food-related disorders by exclusively eating an exciting diversity of plants.”  The January 2019 issue of Runners World magazine features an article entitled “New Research Shows a Plant-Based Diet Can Improve Recovery Time”.  It writes that (a vegan diet) “is good for your cardiovascular health,—especially if you usually run long distances.”  This article quotes the journal Nutrients, stating that “following a plant-based diet has been shown to improve both cardiovascular health and recovery time in endurance athletes.” It continues that “the review authors looked at data from 77 previous studies and found that adhering to a plant-based diet plays a key role in many aspects of training and performance, especially maintaining cardiovascular health”.  The Nutrient’s article states that “because many vegetables, fruits, and other plant-based foods are rich in antioxidants, they help reduce oxidative stress. Diets emphasizing plant foods have also been shown to reduce indicators of inflammation.  Plant-based diets may offer performance advantages and they have consistently been shown to reduce body fat, leading to leaner body composition.”  Clearly, veganism can be beneficial for people of all kinds of lifestyles, from sedentary to very active.


Irregardless’ Chefs invite you to experiment with vegan menu items during Veganuary. You don’t have to become 100% vegan – even becoming 50% vegan will benefit your health and also the planet’s wellbeing.  Irregardless Cafe is offering new vegan specials this month as part of the worldwide Veganuary movement that encourages everyone to try out vegan meal options.  Irregardless Cafe, which has been offering vegan meals every day since it opened in 1975.  The Cafe’s regular menu options will be also available to patrons.


— Written by Anya Gordon, Edited by Evan Embree