2019 to be “The Year of the Vegan”

The prestigious British Economist magazine has declared 2019 to be “The Year of the Vegan”. The New York Times has had 8 separate articles on vegan diets since September 2018. Movies* are promoting the health and environmental benefits of a vegan diet.

Irregardless Cafe is offering new vegan specials this month as part of the worldwide Veganuary movement that encourages everyone to try out vegan meal options. Irregardless Cafe, which has been offering vegan meals every day since it opened in 1975, will be offering exclusive vegan specials for Lunch, Dinner & Dessert from January 8 – February 3, 2019. Worry not, the Cafe’s regular menu options will be also available for those wanting vegetarian or omnivorous fare.

* Movies available on the win-win benefits of a vegan diet, easily available to watch:
Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret
What the Health
Forks over Knives
The Game Changers by James Cameron

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