10 Reasons to Choose Irregardless Cafe As Your BAE

In the midst of Raleigh’s restaurant boom, we have noticed that the everyday dining experience is changing from a round-table gathering with 3 courses to quick bites in food bowls on picnic benches. Next time you’re lost looking for a place to eat on Yelp, here are some reasons to choose Irregardless Cafe as your BAE (Before Anyone Else):

Free Parking – Downtown Raleigh is now notorious for their $5-7-dollar parking lots and difficult street parking. Irregardless offers diners free parking in our own lot and there are plenty of spaces all around the Café.

No Waiting in Lines – When you’re with family or on a date, standing in line to order your food is difficult and then you feel rushed when it gets to be your turn. We take reservations, walk-ins and are prepared to seat & serve large groups.

Inclusive – We choose to revel in the classic tradition of sitting down together and sharing a meal. Our portions are plentiful, so you can taste off each other’s’ plates and our menu offers selections for any diet (Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free) so that no one feels forgotten or out of place. You can also customize anything on the menu by request.

Front Porch Experience – Feel like family with our dedicated staff: Ally, Jon, Dodge, Ricardo. Even Arthur & Anya, the owners of Irregardless Café, often come to dine with guests. As a regular, you will get to know community patrons who have frequented the restaurant for years; you may even see a familiar face at the next table. Get to know about each other’s day in person, without text messaging or phone calls.

Simple, Intentional Touches – We provide complimentary bread & biscuits at brunch before you order your food. Our native flower arrangements at our tables are all hand-picked by our team at The Well Fed Community Garden. We have solar panels on the side of our roof to heat water needed to operate the business.

Cozy Atmosphere – Our chairs are comfortable, we have booths for privacy and coziness. The art on the walls has calming colors to remind you of the seasons and the cross-section of Irregardless Café & Raleigh’s history. There’s music in the background, smiling and laughter are encouraged and the aroma of an adventure-filled family recipe is always in the air.

Celebrate Regularly – We are known for couples having their first date here and hitting it off! So much so, that we have some diners who met back when the restaurant was still new and return every year to celebrate. Take part in this tradition with us as we offer a complimentary house wine bottle for your birthday and anniversary. Sign up here.

Unique Specials – Based off the season, we change up our specials often so you always have something new to try whether it be for lunch, brunch, dinner, drinks or dessert.

Support Local Artists – We have live jazz or bluegrass every day from up and coming artists to those who have been playing at our establishment for decades. Visit our calendar to plan a visit.

Same Price as a Downtown Takeout Place – For the same price as getting takeout downtown, you can get an experience we believe to be a true expression of Raleigh. With meaningful conversation, local music, recipes steeped in stories of our past.

So, the next time you want to go out but aren’t sure where we hope you remember these reasons to make us your BAE.