Vegan Dinner Theater “Well Fed, Well Said”

What we are currently most excited about is our ‘Well Fed Well Said’ Dinner Theater coming up this Bastille Day, July 14th! Our amazing kitchen team will be creating vegan versions of classic French dishes so rich and flavorful that the absence of animal products will be the last thing on your mind.

Performed at Irregardless’ Event Venue: The Glenwood, the appetizers will be enjoyed before and during the first of the 3 original plays performed – this first one in the amphitheater in the wooded area behind The Glenwood. With a very special ‘mystery’ cocktail served, folks will be enjoying a Rustic Pesto and Heirloom Tomato Tart – with the basil pesto and the tomatoes coming for Irregardless’ Well Fed Community Garden (we’ll have a few Tarts made on gluten free crusts). Heirloom tomatoes are by far my favorite – with their beautiful and unique appearance and distinct flavors, they really bring the dish to a higher level. The second appetizer will be Tapenade on baquettes, with gluten free crackers for those who prefer.

Next, the guests will all move inside to experience the second of the original plays, while enjoying the delicious vegan Salade Niçoise. Originating in the French city of Nice, this salad is a sumptuous mix of greens, marinated beans & baby potatoes, olives, capers tossed in a light vinaigrette.

Guests will then move into The Glenwood’s ballroom and select vegan French delicacies from the evening’s buffet:

  • Mushroom Bourguignon’, a favorite French stew made with red wine, mushrooms, mirepoix vegetables – yum!

  • Provence Bean Cassoulet, a rich, slow-cooked casserole, with Cannellini beans, aromatic vegetables, garlic, white wine and fragrant herbs from the Well Fed Garden.

  • Ratatouille with Eggplants, Peppers and Tomatoes from the Well Fed Garden

  • Haricots verts – French green beans

While enjoying dinner, guests will engage in a table Trivia challenge on Vegan diets and Bastille Day. The People’s Pharmacy’s Joe & Terry Graedon will then speak about the health benefits of a Vegan diet and how our diets and lifestyles are the true path to health.

The evening will end with servings of a luscious chocolate layered cake, that is both vegan and gluten free! However the true dessert will be the third play performed on the ballroom stage,while guests enjoying their dessert and coffee. A cash bar will offer selections of wine and beer.

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And at the Irregardless Cafe we take our vegan and vegetarian guests seriously since we opened in 1975, offering 12 vegan menu options at lunch, 4 at brunch and 18 at dinner. Our guests experience fine cuisines without compromising their values. Check out our menu!