It really is that simple

Written by Jessica Knisley, Bar Manager

Whether you’ve been offered it at a coffee shop, or here at the café with your unsweetened tea, most people are familiar with simple syrup: a liquidy sweet compliment to so many tasty beverages. The ratio to make it is 1 cup of sugar to 1 cup of boiling water, you mix them until the sugar is completely dissolved and voila.

Using simple syrup in cocktails goes way back and I have recently been experimenting with different flavors of syrups. If you like tequila or mezcal then this syrup is definitely something you should try. We will be making a habanero simple syrup. I like this pepper because it is floral and spicy and compliments the smokiness of mezcal.

Here is how you make it:

Cut your habaneros into rings and pull the seeds out (use gloves), make your simple syrup and put into a mason jar or anything that has a lid, add the peppers while it’s still warm, depending on how hot you can handle I would only use half of the pepper and you can use less if you want. I let it steep in the fridge for about a day then pull the peppers out. It’s usually good for about a month. In a cocktail you can use 1/2 oz of the syrup with 1.5 oz of mezcal or tequila and add a little bit of grapefruit juice or lime juice. Drink up, this will definitely warm you up if you’re a little chili.