What the Ale?


Written by Bar Manager,
Jessica Knisley

Beer can be a very refreshing end to a long day or it can be a complicated decision. As someone with a true aversion to an incredibly hoppy tasting beer I am incredibly grateful for the many other options I have. My absolute favorite style of beer is the Pilsner.

A Pilsner is a lager made with light hops and is usually clear and light. The Pilsner is easily the most popular beer in the world, created in what is now the Czech Republic back in the 1800’s. This light and easy to drink beer is supposed to be brewed with Pilsner malt but many brewers use light barley and sometimes rice which is frowned upon as being the cheaper and inherently flawed way.

We carry the German style Scrimshaw Pilsner at the cafe from our friends at North Coast Brewing in California. If wine isn’t your alcohol of choice and you aren’t the biggest beer connoisseur, this Pilsner will be sure to make you hoppy.