When life gives you Lemon bitters

The time has come to update our cocktail menu. I have recently spent time in the cocktail laboratory, experimenting and failing. After a little more failing, I finally succeeded. I will gladly admit this is a very intimidating job but I believe I rose to the challenge.

The first cocktail is called Cardinal Sin. This is a rendition of our current Hendricks cocktail, created years ago by our restaurant manager Dodge. This cocktail starts in a shaker with Cardinal gin, known for its floral notes and subtle spice. Add a few leaves of basil and some cucumber, simple syrup and Lillet Blanc to ice and shake it with everything you’ve got. Side note -Lillet Blanc is an aperitif wine which is slightly bitter and has notes of orange and honey. It is a very refreshing addition to this cocktail and is quite delicious over ice.

Our next cocktail is called The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far. This cocktail is also built in a shaker. with Fairgame Apple Brandy, Rye whiskey, Lemon bitters and the delicious Amaro Montenegro. Montenegro is an Amaro made from a secret blend of 40 herbs and spices with hints of orange and vanilla. Like Lillet Blanc, this liqueur is also delicious over ice.

I have one more super secret cocktail I will be adding to the menu but for now I will leave everyone in suspense, just don’t become bitter about it.


By Jessica Knisley,
Bar Manager