Sharing a Meal

November is the month all about giving thanks for friends and family – and the best way we know how is by bringing our community to the table. We wanted to highlight our plans this month on sharing meals with those around us.

We started this month off with a potluck dedicated to the full moon:

We grew, picked, and hulled these Buddha beans to use in stews and soups for the cold.

We got our first taste of the Shiitake mushrooms we inoculated in 2016!

We made a beautiful salad out of the greens we are growing to make sure our friends have enough fiber and antioxidants in their diet.

We thought about tricking our friends into thinking these were dirty eggs instead of freshly picked radishes heheh

And most importantly, we broke bread together. This is important not only because bread has been the humble provider of nourishment throughout history, but because it brings us all back to memories of family and home.

This month, we invite you all to eat, drink and cherish your people – the community that makes you thankful you are here on this Earth and have a place to call home.


The Well Fed Community Garden Team

Later this month, we are hosting our investors with a meal from Irregardless Catering, and will finish off the month with the Irregardless Cafe’s Carry-Out Traditional Thanksgiving meals!

Written by Lubana Lanewala,
Garden Apprentice