summer thirst quencher watermelon

Written by Lubana Lanewala, Garden Apprentice

Our most festive produce item this summer on the garden is the crimson sweet watermelon. Large, juicy and oh-so-satisfying, the Well Fed Community Garden has not only been providing these to the restaurant, but using them in catering events and giving them away to volunteers!

They are located right at the front of our farm beds, so you can see them from the parking lot. You may have seen us picking them early in the mornings, loading them onto a vintage wheelbarrow and creating an assembly line to get them inside to storage. Ranging from 5-20 lbs, it’s a great workout for us and the interns!

I want to highlight an especially tasty recipe that was recently created by the Irregardless Catering team for a private event for Carolina Jews for Justice at the garden this past Sunday. Freshly cut watermelon, lime dressing and feta cheese. If you want the recipe, ask Arthur Gordon! Here are some visuals to get your mouth watering:

This “salad” paired perfectly with our famous succotash salad and fresh baked pizza in our pizza oven. Check out this awesome contraption:

I hope this makes you want to come out and eat some watermelon with us as well as check out the tasty treats that Irregardless is making with them.

#Shameless selfie with my favorite summer fruit