Irregardless now serving ‘Cup a Joe’ Coffee

Irregardless Cafe is pleased to announce that we are now serving Cup a Joe’s locally roasted coffee in the Cafe. Enjoy home grown, hand-crafted meals with coffee roasted just down the street!

Supporting local businesses has always been a priority for Irregardless (we used to use a roaster in RTP). Our ‘Irregardless’ blend of Costa Rican and Columbian beans are roasted to order at Cup a Joe’s just blocks away on Hillsborough Street.

A favorite of Raleigh residents, Cup a Joe’s roasts are delicious, all round blends that please our patrons. Weekend brunch customers especially like its bright – yet mellow – flavor! Espresso coffee, as well as Cappuccino and Latte’s are expertly prepared by the Cafe’s barista.

Irregardless continues to compost the Cafe’s coffee grounds at The Well Fed Community Garden. The worms in our vermiculture consider the grounds to be a delicious treat – and the Garden vegetables benefit from the nitrogen the grounds add to the soil.

‘Cup a Joe’ coffee has been serving almost as long as Irregardless – opening on Hillsborough Street in 1991 (Irregardless opened in 1975). First located at the corner of Daisy Street – across the street from the new Stanhope Student Apartments, Cup a Joe’s has been described as “the kinda place where artsy, punk and creative townie types like to hang o

ut at. There’s that comfortable feel. The kind of feeling where you can drink coffee all day while writing a novel, drawing or reading your new favorite book.” Cup a Joe has a second store in Mission Valley.

In 2008, the N&O described Cup a Joe’s as a place where “Raleigh’s professors and academics regularly engage in discourse, and the walls are hung will local artists’ work. Cup A Joe is the Old Raleigh coffee shop.”