Customer Service or Hospitality, Which is it?

So many times you hear people talk about what a bad experience they had with a restaurant, venue, event planner, DJ, etc. Once the ink dries on the contract the customer service goes right out the window. No longer is there a need to impress the client. As long as they are “nice” and smile often, that should suffice as “customer service”. But where has customer service gone these days? Is it just out of style or misunderstood?

After many years of a few different careers that all dealt with customers, salesmanship and many types of service, I feel I have a broad understanding of what customers need. How many times have you had to call the cable company or had a complaint in a restaurant and you felt that the motto was not “the customer is always right”? Well you are not alone. We have all had that experience.

So where do we go from here? How do we get that good ole customer service back? Well, you’re right, customer service has gone out of style. It doesn’t exist. It is as non existent as Cadillacs and shoulder pads. What has taken its place though is something we here at the Glenwood have come to know as HOSPITALITY. Spell that for me H..O..S..P..I..T..A..L..I..T..Y.

What is the difference you might ask? A few things, for one it’s not just about a great smile and just saying “yes” so the customer will be quiet and go away. It is about listening, showing empathy and filling all obligations of a contractual agreement and so much more. It’s not about right or wrong, it’s about making sure the customer is heard, feels important and making their vision of any event come to life and be more than they imagined. You should always own your mistakes and apologize. An apology goes a long way and sometimes that is all a customer needs. Overall, it is about enjoying the environment you are in, the people around you and making sure it is contagious.

I love what I do and so does my team. And there are times I have a difficult client or situation that needs “extra special” care. But no matter who, what or how… My motto is still to this day, “kill them with kindness”. We bring hospitality and fun to a whole new level and would love to have you come and experience it for yourself.

Pop in for a tour at The Glenwood and let us show you how we spell HOSPITALITY.

Written by Sandra DeMaria,
Irregardless Catering Director