Mother’s Day democracy

Last month Irregardless celebrated with Mothers for their special day.

Chef Arthur Gordon, blog writer

Every day should be Mother’s Day, because of what Mothers give to make each and every family special.

So when the son or daughter says to their Mother: “What do you want to do for Mother’s Day” and the Mother’s response is “I want to go to Irregardless for Brunch.”

Mother’s Day a few years ago

“But, Mom” they respond, “they don’t take reservations for Mother’s Day Brunch.”*

Mom responds “You did not ask what would be convenient, you asked what do I want for Mother’s Day.”

(I assume that because Irregardless was the first restaurant in Raleigh to do Brunch over 40 years ago… and because we demonstrate ‘abundance’ by serving OJ, coffee cakes, biscuits and hot beverages before guessts are even asked what would they would like to order … that Irregardless is quite popular with Moms who like our wholesome menu choices… especially because we also do the dishes!)

Crab Cakes Benedict

Strawberry Belgium Waffles

With no reservations available everyone has to line up and stand and wait with Mom for about 30 minutes. During that time, everyone visits with Mom and their hearts make a small prayer: “I sure hope that the people inside hurry up and eat and leave soon.” So when your turn happens, and you finish eating, you remember your prayer and realize it is now your turn to finish and leave.

So thinking of democracy with a small ‘d’, we participate in a process that puts us all on the same level – no special situations – everyone waits, appreciates the quality and effort of the entire Irregardless staff, and then leaves accordingly.

With that style and mindset, Irregardless served over 500 guests on Mother’s Day Brunch this year! With 120 seats you can do the math.

I feel like the owner of a major league sport’s team. Everyone of our staff knew their role and did their job well. It fills me with such pride and the happiness that comes with doing our job well.

Thank you to everyone involved: our staff, all our ‘Mothers’ and their families.

* Irregardless does take reservations for Mother’s Day Dinner