Farm Dinners at The Well Fed Garden

Farm Dinners at The Well Fed Community Garden are so much more than just dining – they are a ‘transforming’ experience.  Participants are immersed in the world of plants growing – all kinds: vegetables, berries, fruit, mushrooms and more !

Farm Dinners at “The Well Fed Community Garden” begin with a tour of the Garden – visiting with the Chickens at their Coop by the front gate.

Tours are led by Morgan Malone – the Garden Manager – and Ali and Hannah, the Garden Apprentices,  who live in the house on the Garden property.  They describe the various crops growing in the fields and the organic gardening method employed cultivating the produce.

The group then passes the re-dug well that was found on the property when it was purchased – giving the Garden it’s name: The ‘Well’ Fed Community Garden.  Next to the ‘Well’ are the Bee Hives – swarming with bees that pollinate the garden crops.

The tour visits the various ‘season extensions tunnels’ or ‘green houses’.  The long ‘caterpillar tunnel’ grows baby greens during the winter and heirloom tomatoes during the summer.  The seedling greenhouse, is now full of micro greens and the ‘Hydroponic’ tunnel is growing the delicious Butter Crunch lettuce that the diners pick for their evening salad – very local and very fresh!

The tour then inspects the shiitake mushroom logs stacked in the wooded area at the back of the garden – after the recent rains, the logs have fruited lots of mushrooms.   They then walk by the 3 long blackberry rows – with North Carolina bred thornless canes.

This brings them to the front garden filled with pollinator flowers, tea plants, herb beds and fruit trees: pear, peach, apple, elderberry, fig, persimmons, pomegranate and kiwi berry vines.


After the tour, Chef Arthur Gordon gives a Cooking Lesson and then offers guests a ‘fresh from the garden’ appetizer to go with their before-dinner drink.

Dinner follows with freshly baked Pizzas from the Garden’s new Pizza oven, garden fresh salads and fruit cobbler.

Folks enjoy dinner with old friends and new.   Charlie Craichy of ‘Great Father Whale’  entertains the diners all evening.

The evening ended with all participants planting garden seeds in pots of soil to take home.  Over the next weeks and months, the Farm Dinner participants will watch their vegetable plant grow.  Witnessing their plants grow will connect them to the Garden and the mysteries of the growing cycle.

Bella, the Well Fed Garden’s pup, remembers all the Farm Dinner guests and looks forward to their next visit to the Garden.

The Well Fed Community Garden continues to host Farm Dinners on weeknights for adults, Farm Lunches on Saturday for families and private gatherings serving everything from pizzas to receptions and/or 4 course meals from Irregardless Catering menu.  For more information on hosting your event at the Well Fed Community Garden, please contact or 919-610-0872