New Wine Menu features Peterson’s Winery, Dry Creek Valley in California

Irregardless patrons enjoy amazing wines from Peterson Winery, located in Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County California.Wine Peterson Zero Manipulation logo Four excellent Peterson wines are on the Cafe’s new Wine Menu, are all expressions of the winery’s Zero Manipulation philosophy. – that is using the most gentle winemaking techniques possible to maximize flavors, aromatics and the original essence of the wine.

Zero Manipulation Wine at $48/bottle is a smooth, approachable Rhone blend with dark toasty aromas woven with black cherry, candied strawberry, herbs de Provence and a hint of violets. Delicious paired with Steak au Poivre and the Smoked Brisket, it is also enjoyable with Marinara vegetarian dishe and grilled salmon. Looking for wine to reward yourself and your friends after a long day at work? Wine Peterson Old School ZinfandelThink Zero

Old School Zinfandel at $53/bottle is described as Peterson’s “Easy Drinking, No Thinking” Zin, but don’t let that make you think it’s any less serious of a wine than their other bottlings. Blended primarily from vineyards in the Northern Dry Creek Valley, Old School has a style that is full of flavor and character, is refreshing and “highly drinkable” and satisfying. It is the type of Zin you can either open on a weeknight or take to a party without hesitation. Bright aromas of brambly berries mix with threads of oak and earth make this an easy sipping Zin. Here is a wine that begs for a party, and loves to be paired with fall-off-the-bone smoked short ribs (that are an occasional special on the CafWine Peterson Mendo Blendo labele’s menu), barbeque calamari and the Vegetable Pesto Pizza.

Mendo Blendo at $65/bottle is a blend of Petite Syrah, Cairgnane and Grenach grapes from Mendocino County. This dark-toned ‘garnet’ wine flows across the palate from front to finish, revealing a tasty, vibrant fruit depth. Big but not heavy, this blends engages and delivers complexity. . Delicious with robust meat dishes and can also pair nicely with the Stuffed Acorn Squash dish and Paella.

Wine Peterson Bradford Mountain cabernet sauvignonBradford Mountain at $110/bottle: is the crown prince of Peterson’s Winery!. This Cabernet Sauvignon is from Bradford Mountain above the famous Dry Creek Valley, at the northern end of Sonoma County,. Bradford is the tallest of the surrounding hills, is just 15 miles from the Pacific Ocean, whose early evening fog cools the grapes that have been ripening in the sun. This cycle of cooling and ripening gives the fruit here a special advantage over valley floor fruit. It is the stress of this cycle that gives the grapes their special character.
This Bradford Mountain’s Cabernet Sauvignon, is loaded with character. The wine shows a delightful balance of fruit and savory elements, making it a uniquely delicious delight. Enjoy this very food-friendly wine with a variety of pairings….we suggest the Lamb Lollipops, Duck a l’Orange and Vegan Moussaka. Yum!

Peterson’s great wines are about place. Place in wine is only achieved if the bottled wine reflects where the grapes were grown. There is a huge difference between a great wine that carries a sense of place, and a wine made to taste more appealing. When you taste Peterson’s wines you have a sense of where that wine originated.


From Peterson Winery’s Website:
Owner Fred Peterson is an iconoclast with an old world winemaking philosophy and a reverence for sustainable farming. The Peterson approach is to capture the essence of vintage and vineyard—a philosophy they call Zero Manipulation—with low tech, yet high touch, to produce wines of a place, wines with soul. The evolution of Peterson wines and winemaking accelerated when Fred’s son Jamie became assistant winemaker in the summer of 2002. In 2006, after moving from the tiny red barn on Lytton Springs to Timber Crest Farms, Jamie was given the overallWine Peterson grape vines responsibilities as winemaker.

As a winegrowing team, Fred and Jamie assess the grapes from each vineyard and vintage as the season progresses, evaluating how the weather, soil and site are interacting for the particular vintage. At Peterson winery, the winemaking process begins while the grapes are still on the vines. Zero Manipulation is a discipline the Petersons follow to capture the character and balance of inherent in the grapes. Zero Manipulation means using the most gentle, traditional winemaking practices possible to maximize the flavors, aromatics and texture of the wines. Fred and Jamie celebrate vintage differences and don’t tweak or homogenize the wine to obtain consistency of flavors, a common practice in mass-market wineries.

Fred has practiced sustainable farming in all the vineyards he’s planted and nurtured in his long career. He continues his passion for grape growing in his own Bradford Mountain vineyard as well as his vineyard consulting practice.
When looking for grapes for Peterson wines, Fred sought growers who from the beginning practiced sustainable farming, reinforcing his support of time-honored winegrowing traditions.
Sustainability means to maintain or to nourish without destroying or using up. Fred’s desire for sustainable relationships extends beyond the land. Sustainability is woven into his relationship with his growers. Fair market value for grapes during good years and lean years have always been his practice. The result is long-term relationships with quality growers, both in Dry Creek and Mendocino County.

For Fred and Jamie, Peterson Winery is all about the wines. But if you look a little deeper, you’ll see the heart and soul that goes into every bottle.

Making great wines is all about balance:
It starts in the vineyards, where we try to achieve a balance from bud break in the spring until the grapes are picked in the fall. Balancing the canopy, the crop load, the sun exposure, the hang time, and the few hundred other details involved in managing a vineyard are what need to be considered to achieve balance.

Once the grapes are picked, it is then the winemaker’s responsibility to continue the balancing act in the cellar. All the variables that Mother Nature gave us during the growing season need to be considered because they affect the grapes and the approach to winemaking for that vintage. If you keep a good handle on the growing conditions of the season, you have fewer preconceived notions of what the wine should taste like because you’ve already been dealing with all the realities of that vintage.

With the wine-making underway, now the balancing act involves questions like how much oak to achieve the proper intensity in the wine,what type of oak best enhances the flavors in this wine, how often should this wine be racked, or does this wine need blending?

Here are other wines Peterson produces:

3V White Blend- Vermentino, Verdelho, Vernaccia
Agraria — a proprietary Bordeaux/Cabernet Franc varietal blend
Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon Port- dessert wine
Mendo Blendo – Petite Sirah based blend
Muscat Blanc — Dessert Wine
Petite Sirah
Petit Verdot
Sauvignon Blanc
Sangiovese — Dry Creek Valley and Il Granaio
Vignobles- Red Rhone Style Blend
Zinfandels — Dry Creek Valley, Tradizionale, Bradford Mountain, Bernier Zinyard, Warren Ranch, & Old School
Zero Manipulation — an old-fashioned red blend

wine Peterson Winery picture