New Cocktail features Raleigh Spirits

First Crush

New Cocktail First Crush

Irregardless’ new Cocktail menu features delightful ‘sensations’ using ‘spirits’ distilledLimoncello with glassright here in Raleigh. The most popular cocktail – First Crush delivers a surprising experience – it combines Jalapeno Limoncello, combined with Absolute Citron, pineapple juice and sparkling water. The Jalapeño Limoncello delivers a slightly sweet, lemony taste with a spicy jalapeño finish.

Want an engaging evening? Start it with First Crush at the Irregardless Cafe and enjoy great live music.

The Jalapeno Limoncello from Seventy Eight °C Spirits – a micro distillery headquartered in Raleigh, notable for being the first legal distillery in Wake County. The boiling point of pure ethanol, 78°C, inspired the distillery’s name. Founded by Limoncello Jalapenochemical industry veterans who aspired to establish a distillery that combined their scientific knowledge with their passion for craft spirits.