Garden Volunteers from North Face store

northface logoThe staff of the North Face Store at Crabtree Valley Mall are regular volunteers at the Well Fed Community Garden. Thursday morning volunteer days at the Garden often include two to four North Face employees. Picture - North Face Geoffrey BrownStore Manager Geoffrey Brown, who also puts his hands in the soil, says “We encourage our employees to be involved in opportunities that benefit the community. I look for fun and educational venues that inspire employees”, and Urban Agriculture at the Well Fed Garden is popular.

Seen here Picture - Tomato Plantingwith Garden Manager Jenn Sanford-Johnson, Geoffrey Brown said “My employees and myself have thoroughly enjoyed the garden and I find Jenn to be a great mentor and coach in directing us to help full fill the needs of the garden.”

The North Face brand was founded in the 1960’s to provide the best gear for athletes and the modern day explorer. It’s “Foundation for Deep Ecology” supports the preservation of the outdoors and inspires a global movement of exploration.”  The North Face mantra is “Never Stop Exploring.”

Picture - Jude with snake1Picture North Face
One of North Face employees posted this message on the North Face store Facebook, “Another great day on the farm with Jenn and team. It’s always a great experience working with Jenn and understanding what we are planting and what fabulous flavors they deliver. Megan helped prepare the new beds for the tomatoes. She also thinned out the beet Picture North Face greens harvestplants so they can thrive and grow big! Geoffrey helped install the metal stakes and wire fencing for new tomatoes. As always Jenn had plenty of fresh greens, radishes, and head lettuce for us to take home. Jude was excited when we unearthed a small snake. She is our resident youth explorer.”

Asked about the garden vegetables the North Face volunteers take home, Geoffrey Browns said “Yes, we all have definitely noticed a difference in taste. The fresh vegetables seem to keep longer as well.”