Power Couples – A&A featured in Raleigh Magazine

Arthur and Anya Gordon, owner/chef/managers at the Irregardless Cafe, were recently featured in Raleigh Magazine’s February issue, as one of ten couples who are ‘Making Love Last’.   The article begins as follows:  “Marriage is hard – even on a good day.  But these local couples make it work, combining careers, raising kids, running businesses and facing whatever life throws their way.  It’s not always roses and romance, but the grit and determination that comes with true love is even better….

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The article reads as follows:

Married almost 18 years with three grown sons between them, these co-owners of Irregardless Cafe in Raleigh not only focus on keeping a Raleigh tradition going strong, they’ve also recently taken on a new business venture – The Glenwood Club.

What’s one challenge you’ve faced together and what helped you get through it?

Taking on the Glenwood Club.  We did know about how to run a restaurant and off-site catering business – how to source, prepare and serve delicious meals – and we thought that taking on The Glenwood Club would be easy since everything would be on-site.  Big surprise, we had the challenge of learning how to run an event venue.  It’s keeping us young!

Perseverance and trial and error have gotten us through – analyzing the challenge and breaking it down into individual sections that we solve.  Solving the little challenges helps us solve the bigger challenge.

How do you encourage and build each other up?

Appreciating how many blessings we do have.  Although the problems are more apparent – and get our attention – acknowledging how much is working, and appreciating this, helps us encourage each other.

What is the biggest strength your spouse brings to the table? 

Arthur: Anya is an organizer and pays attention to the details.

Anya: Arthur is a charming visionary with financial acumen.

Marriage is hard.  What keeps yours going?

The blessing is having a true partner.  Appreciating each other’s magnificence.  There is no fun in working a business by one’s self; we’re doing it together – and to support our family and community.