Tea Time

This article on Teas was published in Boom Magazine’s November issue.  Click on the article and it will open up to a readable format.

Irregardless Cafe offers more than 25 loose tea varieties to enjoy.   The varieties, tastes and health benefits are amazing – teas are a whole world of ‘well-being’.


Tea Article

Black Teas

Queen Mary                                     India

Earl Grey                                          Sri Lanka

Peach Apricot Black                       Sri Lanka

Castleton Estate Darjeeling          Sri Lanka

Lapsang Souchong                         China

Chocolate Mint                                Sri Lanka

Mulled Spice                                    Sri Lanka

English Breakfast ***                     Sri Lanka


Oolong Tea

Formosa Oolong                              Taiwan


Green Teas

Lucky Dragon Huson (Organic)    China

Sencho Kyoto Cherry Rose             China

Jasmine with Flowers                      China

Genmaicha with Brown Rice          Japan

Sencha Green ***                              China


White Tea

Pai Mu Tan                                          China


Chai Teas

Vanilla Chai                                        India

Cochin Masala Chai                          India

Green Tea Chai                                   Sri Lanka


Herbal and Fruit Teas

Green Yerba Mate                             Brazil

Berry Berry ***                                  USA

Bella Coola (Citrus & Berry)           USA

Peppermint ***                                 USA

Chamomile ***                                 Egypt


Rooibos Red Teas

Creme au Caramel ***                     South Africa

Sunshine Lemon ***                        South Africa